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ABBE MERYL FEDER is a film, television, and theater actress. She grew up on the mean streets of New York City’s Upper East Side: a proud graduate of PS6, Brooklyn Tech, and Park Avenue Synagogue, “The Harvard of Hebrew Schools.” She left The City to study with nicer people and eat beer cheese at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, returning to her hometown after college to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Abbe is an Artist in Residence at the Braid and has studied acting with Wynn Handman in NYC, and Brian Reise and Stephen Book in Los Angeles. She is also an avid mahjong and card player, will take on any escape room, and has been called by many friends a true-blue “balabusta.”


Abbe and her husband, filmmaker Isaac Feder, live in Los Angeles with their twins. They have a {wonderful, award-winning, heartbreaking but bingeable} podcast, “Maculate Conception.


When Abbe isn’t acting, she's a fertility consultant at InCircle Fertility, the company she founded after her own six-year journey to motherhood. Abbe is the coach she wishes she'd had.


She is a recurring contributor to the popular blog, What’s Up Moms. Can you tell she likes to chat? Speaking of….you can find her on social media at @abbefeder (Instagram), and on FB as Abbe Meryl Feder, Actress.

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